Thursday, March 6, 2014

CARB Continues Outreach to OHV Community on OHMC "Red Sticker" Planning Process

QWR attended the CARB Off-Highway Motorcycle (OHMC) Workshop: Assessment Update today in Sacramento, California.

QWR wants to commend all members of the OHV community (OEMs, dealers, organizations, users, and OHMVRD) who are actively engaged in the process. 

The willingness of CARB staff to substantively engage the various stakeholders in a collaborative planning effort is ground-breaking and is a refreshing change from what some users have felt is a bunker mentality at the agency.

The key bullet points from today are:

CARB’s commitment to have a trusted observer from the OHV community at the testing events

CARB stated its effort is focused on emissions from new motorcycles, not used vehicles

CARB stated that it is not their intent to penalize or punish owners of red-sticker vehicles purchase under current laws and regulations

CARB remains committed to working with its sister agency at OHMVRD

QWR appreciated the statement by James Lombardo, legislative advocate for the California Motorcycle Dealers Association, to ask his board to help secure new motorcycles – which would be leased by CARB from the dealers – for the testing procedures.

QWR wants to urge OHV stakeholders to review the survey and related documents and submit comments on how you feel they can be modified or improved.  

Link to CARB OHMC Documents/Survey

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the CARB representative below:

Cassie Lopina
Air Pollution Specialist | California Air Resources Board | Monitoring and Laboratory Division
Evaporative Control, Engineering, and Regulatory Development Section
1900 14th Street | Sacramento, California 95811
916) 322-2411 |916) 322-2444 |

Thanks for your interest in the CARB OHMC planning process.

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