Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OHV Trail Icon and Pioneer - Trails Unlimited

Contour Trail at Carnegie SVRA

There are few, if any, trail-related national “enterprises” that have helped shape the concept of managed or sustainable OHV recreation more than the crew at Trails Unlimited.

Post Mill Fire Trail Repair of 4WD Route

QWR had the recent privilege to visit with Cam Lockwood, founder of Trails Unlimited, while working on a Forest Service trail research project in Northern California.  Before the US Department of Agriculture Reinvention Program authorized the Enterprising of a Trails Training Program through Trails Unlimited, Cam pioneered (circa 1980s) the concept of engineered contour trails with rolling dips while working for the BLM at the Cow Mountain OHV Area near Ukiah, California.

Over the last 26 years, Trails Unlimited has led the way in constructing and reconstructing motorized and non-motorized trails and related structures for local, state, and federal land agencies throughout the country.  The team has also trained many of the top trail dozer operators that work on numerous county, state park, National Forest, and Bureau of Land Management units.

The next time you are out on a contour trail and ride over a “rolling dip,” remember that modern trail structure is an integral part of sustainable OHV recreation that helps secure that use for future generations.

Trails Unlimited

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