Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014 CA OHV Commission Report - 10B Economic Impact to the Golden State?

A RCD/BLM Restoration Project at Chappie-Shasta OHV Area

QWR wants to commend the CA Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division and Commission for the recent publication of their 2014 Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission Program Report.

The 150 + page well-written and highly informative document chronicles the 40-year history of the “Green Sticker” program.  It details many program issues related to the budget, commission appointments, OHV grants, economic benefit, partnerships, trail stewardship, SVRAs, law enforcement, safety, and resource protection.

Just a few of the high points (page 6) include preliminary information that an economic impact
study currently being conducted by several industry associations has preliminary findings that indicate the direct annual OHV-related expenditures exceed $10 billion in California.

On page 41, the document outlines the soil conservation practices that helps preserve trail access for future generations.

The report (page 72) describes the Division’s outreach to federal, state, and local partners to help improve  utilization of the restoration grant program.   It also notes that Resource Conservation Districts and other non-traditional stakeholders are applying for grants to help increase the number of projects that are being realized on the ground.

QWR story on RCD/BLM Project

QWR story on FS Restoration Project

QWR believes this report is a must read for industry representatives, shop owners, recreation professionals, agency staff, non-profit leaders,  club officials, aftermarket companies, conservation groups, law enforcement, and individuals.

2014 OHMVR Commission and Division Report

QWR wants to thank the Division and Commission for their dedication to, and support for, responsible OHV recreation on public lands.

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