Monday, November 28, 2011

Signs Indicate Level of Agency Commitment to Trail Management

Signs give the trail user a lot of very useful information.  Signs often tell us what vehicle types are allowed on a certain route, the difficulty of the trail, or a route number that is keyed to a map.  Signs are one of the primary ways the agency communicates with the public.

When doing a site-review of a recreation facility or route network, signs also inform me as to the level of commitment that unit has to its OHV program and public safety.

In the attached photo, you will see on the left a newly installed “mixed-use” sign that identifies what portion of a forest road is open for non-street legal OHVs.  It is well placed and current.

On the right of that photo, you will notice that I had to hold a sign so a fellow rider could see it.  It appeared the post had rotted out many years ago and both it and the sign had been cast to the side of the road.

QWR believe signs are an important travel management tool.  However, they also convey to the public the level of commitment the unit has to managed OHV recreation.  Without exception, you can be assured that a well-signed unit has made a commitment to the trail community.

A management unit with few signs, missing signs, or poorly maintained signs is sending a signal to the user that the agency does not care about the area or you. 

What sort of “signal” have you been getting from the land management agency where you ride? 
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marin County Motorcycle Association Joins QWR as Bronze Sponsor

Quiet Warrior Racing is honored to announce that the Marin County Motorcycle Association has joined as a Bronze sponsor for the 2012 riding season.

MCMA has shown its commitment to the sport over the years via it support for many land use organizations.   This MCMA sponsorship will help QWR continue its effort to promote and protect responsible OHV recreation on private and public lands.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

QWR Salutes Mi-TRALE, Plum Creek Timber, and the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative

QWR wants to congratulate Mi-TRALE for being awarded a $10,000 dollar grant from
the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative Program. 

BRC Story on Mi-TRALE Yamaha Award and 10th Anniversary Dinner Awards

QWR also wants to thank Plum Creek (see above letter), a timber management company, for working with Mi-TRALE and other stakeholders to provide responsible OHV recreation on their private timberlands throughout many regions of the country.

QWR believes Plum Creek has taken a pro-active approach to recreation management on their lands and should be looked to as a model by other landowners who are considering allowing OHV recreation on their in-holdings.

Plum Creek OHV Management Program

QWR believes in partnerships and this effort between Mi-TRALE, Yamaha OHV Access Initiative, and other organizations sets a high standard for others to follow.