Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Motion Pro Joins Quiet Warrior Racing as a SILVER Sponsor

Motion Pro's Chris Carter

Quiet Warrior Racing is proud to announce that Motion Pro has signed up as a Silver Sponsor for 2011.  Chris Carter, owner of Motion Pro, is well known in the industry and off-road family as a strong supporter of efforts to champion and protect the access rights of the motorcycle community to use and enjoy our public lands in a responsible manner.

Motion Pro as Silver Sponsor

Chris pioneered a land-use action network over 20 years ago and that effort has inspired many off-road groups, including Quiet Warrior Racing, to challenge unreasonable closures.

Thanks Chris and the crew at Motion Pro for supporting the 24/7/365 effort to keep public roads, trails, and areas open for both the off and on-road communities.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Quiet Warrior Racing Welcomes Factory Pipe as a BRONZE Sponsor

Factory Pipe's Ross Liberty On the Trail in ID

Quiet Warrior Racing is proud to announce that Factory Pipe has signed up as a BRONZE sponsor.  Ross Liberty, owner of Factory Pipe, has been a long-time supporter
of land-use efforts.

Factory Pipe as BRONZE SPONSOR
Ross has also supported legal fight to keep trails open.  In addition, Ross and local riders participated in a stakeholder process to develop a fair wet-weather closure policy at the BLM’s Cow Mountain Recreation Area.

Thanks Ross for your support of Quiet Warrior Racing and your efforts to be engaged at the local level.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Roseville Yamaha Joins Quiet Warrior Racing as Copper Sponsor

Quiet Warrior Racing is proud to welcome Roseville Yamaha as a COPPER sponsor.  I know Roseville Yamaha supports the efforts of QWR to get the word out about riding with sound compliant exhaust on public roads, trails, and areas.

Roseville Yamaha as Copper Sponsor

Quiet Warrior Racing wants all its supporters and potential sponsors to know it works hard everyday to promote a responsible land use ethic.   That commitment will help keep our travelways open for both non-street legal and street legal motorized vehicles.

If you are a Quiet Warrior, feel free to stop by Roseville Yamaha and thank them for helping keep routes open.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cycle Gear, FOX Racing, and the Harvey Dealerships Sign on as QWR Sponsors

This is a real exciting day for Quiet Warrior Racing.  If you check out our website at: you will see we have added 3 new sponsors today.

Dave Bertram at Cycle Gear signed up as a GOLD sponsor and is going to fire up his Cycle Gear Trail Fund Program for 2011 that helps support the work of The Quiet Warrior at BRC.  Info on the Trail Fund Program is at: -- Watch for a news release on Dave’s commitment for 2011.

A big thank you to Brandon Petersen and the gang at FOX Racing for picking up a BRONZE sponsorship for 2011.  It means a lot when you have guys like Brandon and FOX Racing covering your six.

Big kudos to Taz Harvey and the Harvey Motor Group for their BRONZE sponsorship.  If riders are in need of a set of wheels, be sure and stop by the Harvey dealerships because they “support the sport” and the work of QWR.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Quiet Warrior Racing Hosts Auction to Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project

Part of Quiet Warrior Racing’s corporate philosophy is to pay it forward by supporting charities that help our troops and local communities.  As some of you know, my Dad passed away in 1998 and as a WW2 vet he left his estate with some priceless treasures he collected while serving in the 97th Infantry in Europe. I have most of his WW2 artifacts already mounted but there are several that I felt would make a good auction item with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Link to eBay Auction of Map

This item for auction is an actual “Mission Map” for the 97th Infantry for the dates of April 1-4, 1945.  There were three tasks on the map:  Do Aggressive Patrolling, Defense of the West Bank of the River, and Est. of MG (machine guns).  The map is about 8x10 inches.

This map had been torn into several pieces so it has been put back together carefully and would make a great addition when mounted in a frame for a WW2 buff.

Remember when you are bidding that you are supporting our Wounded Warriors.  Again,
100 percent of the proceeds will be going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

QWR Website Launched Today - Stay Tuned as QWR Grows

To all the riders and my supporters out there who care about keeping trails and roads open for responsible motorized use, I just wanted to give you a heads-up to stay tuned to the Quiet Warrior Racing Website and Official Quiet Warrior Racing Blog for updates on new programs, sponsors, and other info.

Even my local paper the CCT did a story

We just got our sponsor logos posted and watch the website as new sponsors are added.  There are already several in the pipeline and I am excited about the potential QWR has to increase the effectiveness of ongoing and new efforts to champion responsible use of public roads, trails, and areas by both non-street legal and street legal motorized vehicles.

I want to thank the gang at Touch Plate for its generous support and sponsorship in helping get QWR launched on the net.  Those guys are great!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Support Quiet Warrior Racing

As Quiet Warrior Racing gets ready to launch its website and add our sponsor links, I have had riders and sponsors ask why I used the term “Racing” rather than “Consulting” in Quiet Warrior Racing.  That is a good question.

There are three reasons. 

ONE - I wanted to use the term Racing to convey the hectic lifestyle of a professional recreation and land-use consultant.  Often I am racing to meetings, racing to get a story out, racing to get a sound check station set up, racing to digest legislative policies and let riders and clients know what they mean, or racing to stop a land closure.

TWO - Racing conveys a winning attitude.  Racers work hard to win.  Racers want to come in first place.  Racers never give up.

THREE – Racing is a more energizing term than “consulting.”  My goal is that riders of all ages will see that keeping trails and roads open – just as in racing - can be hard work and fun at the same time. 

At QWR we realize that access interests are in the race of their lives to protect their rights to enjoy public roads, trails, and areas and keeping them open for responsible use is what drives us everyday.

By sponsoring QWR you can take pride knowing that your support is being used to ensure continued access to those roads, trails, and areas that we love to use.  That support also means that QWR will be able to continue to consult for non-profit groups such as the BlueRibbon Coalition. Also, your support enables QWR to help clubs that may not be in a position to cover all the costs related to effective land-use advocacy in their area.