Friday, March 13, 2015

Region 5 Tells OHV Commission that Q Enduros are Allowable on Forest Service lands

QWR always encourages riders to meet with agency representatives to discuss issues ranging from event permits, trail volunteerism, and construction of new trails or reroutes.  Those meetings can often help clarify issues which may then lead to a resolution where FS/BLM/OHMVRD officials can provide enhanced OHV opportunities while meeting their unit’s resource management goals.

That philosophy was highlighted during the Region 5 Forest Service report today at the California State Park Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission meeting in Palmdale, CA.  The report found that “Q format” enduros ARE NOT speed events, hence they can be held on Forest Service lands.

R5 credited the February 5, 2015 meeting that QWR, AMA, BRC, and AMA Dist. 36 had with recreation staff at the regional office in Vallejo, CA, for helping clarify questions the agency had regarding the new Q enduros. 

As many motorcycle clubs know, there is growing support for “Q format” enduros which are popular with new and old riders alike.  The simplified timekeeping makes it easy for novice riders and competitors from other amateur non-enduro motorcycle events to make the transition to enduros.

Like regular enduros, Q events measure the skill of the rider over trails of varying difficulty.  Roads are sometimes used to connect up these high skill test sections.  There are known checks and special test sections where riders accumulate points.

QWR’s, Don Amador, states, “I think the FS report to the commission gets enduro clubs a lot closer to being able to hold Q enduros on National Forests in California.  Until individual Forests get more familiar with Q enduros, it will be incumbent for clubs to take extra time to ground-truth the course route with FS OHV staff.  Time spent in the field will be the key to having a successful district-wide Q enduro program.”

“I believe that improved communication/collaboration/education between clubs, the regional office, and individual Forests on issues such as Q enduros will lead to more riders and their families enjoying group sport activities together on public lands.  And, that is a good thing,” Amador concludes.

PS – Big thanks to AMA’s, Nick Haris, and AMA Dist. 36’s LAO, Dave Pickett, for helping make this happen.  Credit also to the agency for taking time to listen to our concerns.