Tuesday, July 9, 2013

QWR Trail Tip for CA - Purchasing a Dual-Sport Motorcycle in 2013

QWR's Factory Plated 500 EXC Dual-Sport
QWR has been getting a number of questions from riders in California asking about the purchase of a dual-sport motorcycle or doing a dual-sport conversion on a “Green-Sticker” off-highway motorcycle.
In the late 1990s, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) determined that it was illegal to register off-highway motorcycles for street use unless they were CARB or EPA certified for highway use.   QWR believes that decision was based on an ever changing regulatory climate that has become a foundation block of this state.
Today, the dual-sport enthusiast has only two legal options in the State of California.  One, they can purchase a street-legal dual-sport that came from the factory as such.  Or, they can purchase a used “Green-Sticker” off-highway motorcycle that was purchased new by December 31, 2003 and where the owner had initiated its dual-sport conversion with the DMV no later than January 31, 2004.
The 1st Land-Use Battle Bike - a 1995 Honda XR600 that was
Plated BEFORE the DMV Deadline
QWR believes that travel management and other land-use restrictions has increased the demand for street-legal dual-sport motorcycles so that riders can connect various trail networks that are separated by paved roads where non-street legal motorcycles are prohibited.
Based on that demand, the Industry has responded with a wide variety of factory plated dual-sport motorcycles.  QWR urges riders who are getting into the dual-sport market to do their research and find that new or used dual-sport motorcycle that both meets their need and complies with California law.
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