Monday, July 29, 2013

California North Coast Adventure Ride Report

QWR's Don Amador at Intersection of Bald Mountain Road
and Snow Camp Road
The coastal mountain range in the Eureka, California area offers the dual-sport or adventure rider a lot of high-quality backcountry experiences.  While on a recent 190 mile dual-sport trip with local off-roaders to review travel management issues on the Six Rivers National Forest, l had the privilege to enjoy many of the historic non-paved and paved road segments that circle north from Eureka and out through the old logging towns of Blue Lake and Korbel, south through sections of the Forest, and back west to Eureka via Highway 36 and the Kneeland Road.

Bald Mountain Road and Snow Camp Road Intersection GPS

East Intersection of Chism Road and Hwy. 299

Leaving Korbel we took Bald Mountain Road east and turned left on Snow Camp Road to Lord Ellis Summit where we hit Highway 299.  After following Highway 299 east for a few miles, we turned left on Chism Road and stayed on that route until it joined up once again with Highway 299.  A short jaunt east on that highway took us to the top of Berry Summit where we turned right on Titlow Road. 
Forest Highway One
Route One GPS
After lunch at the world famous Burger Bar (located in a circa 1960s-era travel trailer) in Mad River, we headed west on Highway 36 where we gassed up at Dinsmore.  After gas, our journey took us west to Bridgeville (I think the entire town is still for sale!) where a right turn placed us on the Kneeland Road which is the mostly non-paved back entrance to Eureka.
Bridge at Yager Creek
We stopped at Yager Creek for a break and saw some pretty large trout in the steam below the bridge.  Not too far north of the bridge was the Iagua Ranch where supposedly some scenes were shot in a recent sci-fi movie.
Road Through Iagua Ranch
Many of you have journeyed on these routes before, but I wanted to share this info with the growing number of new riders who have joined the dual-sport/adventure family.  There are plenty of great hotels or campgrounds to stage from in the Eureka area.  The town also has a lot of cool places to visit including the Carson Mansion, Fort Humboldt, and the Samoa Cookhouse.
Carson Mansion
Be sure and stop by the Six Rivers National Forest HQ in Eureka and get one of their Forest Maps as there are lots of  two-track dirt roads to explore off of Route One.
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  1. What about all the single track on the Mad River district? I think much of it was closed, I think one big segment got converted to a hiking trail. I sent comments on that District's Travel Management Plan but they were ignored, as usual. There are still some bits of the old system left. I understand you might not want to post the location.