Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Backcountry OHV/Adventure Safety - SPOT Location Service

QWR believes that rider safety is an important tenet of responsible OHV recreation.  Within the last week, two of my OHV/adventure friends were saved by their SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger while riding in rugged areas of the California Coastal Mountain Range and the Sierra Nevada.

The SPOT Messenger was added to the QWR chest protector about 6 years ago.  The unit has 3 functions which includes a HELP function that can alert your friends and family that you are in a non-life threatening situation but are in need of assistance (i.e. broke down vehicle, etc.)

The OK check-in function is great for when you are in the backcountry without cell service and you want to send a message (with your GPS coordinates) to family members that the ride is going great.  QWR uses that feature a lot as it reassures your loved ones that you are OK.

The SOS function is for when you are in a life threatening situation and you need emergency medical care STAT.  When that function is activated, it sends your GPS coordinates to a world-wide emergency response center that will contact the appropriate services.

For about $170 dollars/yr. you get the SPOT tracking device and the emergency medical services.   QWR believes this product is the best "safety" insurance that money can buy if you ride in the backcountry.   This unit is being used by many members of my riding network in both the private and public sector.  Having this product on your chest protector or backpack is a must addition to your adventure gear.
Link to SPOT Location Service

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