Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Best Kept Wheeling Secret in CA - Located in Greater S.F. Bay Area!


Owners of 4x4 SUVs and trucks who live in the Greater S.F. Bay Area don’t have to drive 3-4 hours anymore to test out their off-road skills or the trail capability of their vehicle.   Located near Tracy, the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) now offers a 4x4 driving course that is filled with diverse challenges for all types of 4x4s.

Carnegie SVRA has long offered world-class off-road motorcycle and ATV riding opportunities and is very popular with thousands of park fans who live in the area.  However, there was no 4x4 opportunity for full-sized rigs. That situation was remedied when the SVRA recently created a small 4x4 driving area complete with sand pits, hillclimbs, rock trails, and obstacle courses.

After paying a $5 dollar day-use fee, Quiet Warrior Racing had the chance to put its Montero through the paces.  Although QWR stayed away from the many “Rubicon-sized” obstacles, we did enjoy a good number of trail challenges ranging from the sand pit to the “Frame Twister.”

QWR believes that Carnegie should be commended to creating this 4x4 opportunity for the trail enthusiasts who live in the area.  It is a great place to teach off-road skills to a newcomer or test your driving acumen.   You can also find out if your rig is ready for hard-core wheeling on such famous routes as the Rubicon Trail or Dusy Ershim Trail.

There are several picnic tables under shade structures where you can enjoy watching your friends get their rigs stuck or otherwise test the limits of their vehicle. If you did not bring any food, you can always stop by Motomart – which is located in the park - to pick up some snacks.

QWR encourages all 4x4 enthusiasts who live in the Greater S.F. Bay Area to consider visiting the park to enjoy this special opportunity that may just be the best kept “wheeling secret” in California.
Link to Carnegie SVRA

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