Monday, June 22, 2015

Travel Planning - Don't Forget the Kiddie Areas

As you know, the Nixon and Carter OHV Executive Orders (11644 and 11989 respectively) directed federal land agencies to designate roads, trails, and areas for motorized use so as to… protect the resources of those lands, to promote the safety of all users of those lands, and to minimize conflicts among the various uses of those lands.

Both the Forest Service through its 2005 Forest Service Travel Management Rule (TMR) and the BLM already have, or are in the process of,  designating roads, trails, and areas for motorized vehicle use. 

Entrance to Kiddie Corral

Based on the review of several current federal travel planning efforts, QWR is concerned that the “area” aspect of the designation process is being left out or marginalized in some planning processes.

Trail in Kiddie Corral

There are many important “area” designations that can help the agency provide diverse OHV-related opportunities such as camping/staging areas, 4x4 obstacle courses, open play areas, sand dune riding, and beginner or “Kiddie” riding.

The focus of today’s blog is on Kiddie areas that are well-defined and provide that important practice area where youth riders can hone their skills and gain confidence.

An example of a distinct beginner area is the Kiddie Corral at the Mace Mill OHV Staging Area on the Georgetown Ranger District.  Located on the Eldorado National Forest in California, the Kiddie Corral is approximately 1-acre in size and offers young riders a woods-type learning environment that is safe and where mom and dad can teach/observe them proper riding techniques.

More Trails in Kiddie Corral

If you are a local, state, or federal land agency, don’t forget to include appropriate area designations in your travel planning projects.

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