Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 NOHVCC National Trail Conf. - Oct. 25 - Nov. 1

R5 Wet Weather Soil Study Update at 2014 Ranger Ride/Workshop
Tahoe NF

Dear OHV Recreation Agency Contacts,

I talked with a number of agency recreation staff at last week’s OHV commission meeting
in Sonora who asked about the dates for the NOHVCC 2015 National OHV Trail Conf.

As you know, QWR is attending this event and encourages agency recreation staff to
attend as these events are a great opportunity to network with OHV recreation specialists
from around the country. 

NOHVCC is still working on the final event program, but here is the preliminary info.

It will be held in Folsom, a suburb of Sacramento the week of October 25 - November 1, 2015;
most likely using the same schedule as last year.

Here is the agenda from the 2014 conf. as they expect to follow the same format.

2014 NOHVCC Agenda (Tue. – Sun.)

QWR will be working with NOHVCC on some potential trail rides at nearby OHV areas during
the 1st part of the week.

Here is a link to a story QWR did when it attended the 2012 NOHVCC National Conf.

Stay tuned for updates.

Don Amador
Quiet Warrior Racing

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