Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TRAIL TIP - Add Water Filter Straw to Your Backpack

LifeStraw Added to QWR Backpack

As the long hot days of summer approach, QWR wants to encourage OHVers and Adventure Bike riders to stay hydrated when out in the backcountry.   Access to clean drinking water becomes critically important when you are on a long ride and the temperatures soar into the upper 90s and 100s.

Typical Stream - But is the Water Safe to Drink?

Along with our trusty bottle of water purification tablets, QWR recently added a LifeStraw to our backpack as extra insurance against running out of clean water to drink when on a trail ride or backcountry adventure.

It was field tested on a recent trail ride where there was a stream available as a water source.  The LifeStraw is practically weightless and does not take up much room in the backpack.

Using LifeStraw to Draw Water from Stream

Drawing water through the straw is pretty straightforward.  The water tastes good and could help save the day if you get caught in a heatwave.  QWR encourages riders to make sure they have some way to obtain clean water and adding an affordable lightweight drinking system to your pack seems to make a lot of sense.

Have a great summer on the trail!

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