Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Support Quiet Warrior Racing

As Quiet Warrior Racing gets ready to launch its website and add our sponsor links, I have had riders and sponsors ask why I used the term “Racing” rather than “Consulting” in Quiet Warrior Racing.  That is a good question.

There are three reasons. 

ONE - I wanted to use the term Racing to convey the hectic lifestyle of a professional recreation and land-use consultant.  Often I am racing to meetings, racing to get a story out, racing to get a sound check station set up, racing to digest legislative policies and let riders and clients know what they mean, or racing to stop a land closure.

TWO - Racing conveys a winning attitude.  Racers work hard to win.  Racers want to come in first place.  Racers never give up.

THREE – Racing is a more energizing term than “consulting.”  My goal is that riders of all ages will see that keeping trails and roads open – just as in racing - can be hard work and fun at the same time. 

At QWR we realize that access interests are in the race of their lives to protect their rights to enjoy public roads, trails, and areas and keeping them open for responsible use is what drives us everyday.

By sponsoring QWR you can take pride knowing that your support is being used to ensure continued access to those roads, trails, and areas that we love to use.  That support also means that QWR will be able to continue to consult for non-profit groups such as the BlueRibbon Coalition. Also, your support enables QWR to help clubs that may not be in a position to cover all the costs related to effective land-use advocacy in their area.

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