Friday, February 4, 2022

PSA - New Career Opportunities at CA State Parks


QWR is posting this notice for our members of our OHV and resource management network who might be interested in pursuing a career with CA State Parks.  There are a number of ways that folks can support responsible recreation and land management and one is actually starting a career with a land management agency.


The Park and Recreation Specialist in particular, is a good professional entry level position for college graduates or young professionals.


The links below highlight three new online exams that have been released and are now accessible through CalCareers. Qualified candidates will have access to take the exams all year around and on a continuous basis.  The classification titles and links to view the official exam bulletins below:


1.            Park and Recreation Specialist :


2.            Staff Park and Recreation Specialist:


3.            Senior Park and Recreation Specialist:


Thanks in advance for reviewing these State Park opportunities.


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