Tuesday, February 15, 2022

OPINION/REFLECTION - Perfect Storm Leads to Recovery


                                                            Vestal Road -  Tehama County, CA


By Don Amador

February 15, 2022




Over the last three years, many in the greater OHV recreation community experienced a perfect storm that consisted of dealing with massive wildfires in the West, COVID shutdowns, and political unrest.


It upended our lives, family, and nation.  On top of that some of us lost a loved one, suffered a serious illness/injury, or lost a job.


Crossing of Seasonal Creek - Tehama County

For me it has been a long and difficult journey.   Just how we respond to those trials defines who we are or teaches us what we should be.


The good news is we are a resilient people and that positive attitude is often helped by signs we see along our pathway.

                                              Historic Toilet at FS Lookout - Survived Zogg Fire
                                                           Shasta-Trinity National Forest

 While the wildfires were some of the largest and most intense in recorded history, many historic structures and recreation facilities were spared by an unexplained combination of dedicated firefighters, community grit, and providence.


In the early days of COVID, it appeared that government officials and health officers were trying to enact guidelines and mandates to protect public health.  But it did not take long for some to see that political science was driving a lot of policy.  Recent revelations appear to back up that impression.


I am still trying to process the national political malaise that infected our national body politic. It wreaked havoc all the way from the family dinner table to Washington D.C.


The views seen along my recent motorcycle ADV recon ride to review impacts of the Zogg Fire near Redding, California inspired me to write this piece (it also doubled as physical therapy for my rotator cuff surgery). Those scenes include a dirt road through green hills, a seasonal creek crossing, and an historic toilet at a Forest Service lookout that was spared from the Zogg Fire.


Growing up in Humboldt County, I always appreciated the simple things in nature.   Riding along dirt roads and seeing creeks, mountains, and valleys inspired me then as they do now.  

Don Amador at Pattymocus Butte Lookout - Spared in Zogg Fire
Shasta Trinity National Forest

I believe the trails and roads you take on life’s journey are important.  This ride reinforced that axiom for me.    

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  1. No matter what “party” you might subscribe to we are all Americans. Collaboration ensures our continued success as a nation. Anything else leads us to a failing group of disorganized zealots awaiting for our own self inflicted demise