Thursday, October 10, 2019

PSA - Support Post Fire Winter Seasoning of OHV Trail Repairs

Post Fire Temporary Closure Sign on OHV Trail
Mendocino National Forest

As federal OHV recreation areas continue their post Mendocino Complex Fire phased reopening of designated roads and trails that provide looped opportunities or connectivity, it is important to respect signs on routes that remain temporarily closed so their post-fire reconstruction treatments can season or stabilize over the winter.

Post Fire Rebuilding of Soil Erosion Structures on OHV Trail
Mendocino National Forest

Many of those closed routes received extensive damage as a result of dozer lines blading out soil erosion control structures on the trail.  Other trails had OHV bridges destroyed by the fire or had huge gullies carved out by heavy post-fire rain events.

Damaged Timber Barriers and Natural Vegetation Barriers
Mendocino National Forest

Another “sign” to look for as you enjoy those routes reopened over the last few months are those trail or area delineators that were either completely or partially destroyed by the fire.

QWR urges the greater OHV community to respect those roads, trails, and areas that remain temporarily closed or burned over sections of the forest where delineators - or vegetation that functioned as natural delineators - were damaged or obliterated.

Be assured, the Forest Service, OHV clubs, and non-profit partners are working hard on various post-wildfire recovery projects so that an increased number of popular motorized routes can be reopened in a timely manner for casual trail riding and permitted events in 2020.

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