Wednesday, August 8, 2018

POST FIRE GOLD - Don't Trespass - Stay the Trail

Gold Note OHV Area
Eldorado NF

With many FS and BLM OHV areas being impacted by devastating wildfires, QWR believes it is important for the OHV community to remember (and be thankful for) a number of other fun OHV areas that can help offer family-oriented trail recreation during these trying times.

Stay on the Trail
Eldorado NF

While up on a business trip to visit with Dave Pickett, a good friend and AMA District 36 Legislative Action Officer, I made use of some free to take a short tour of the Gold Note OHV Area located on the Eldorado National Forest.

Link to FS Info on Gold Note OHV Area

The Forest Service has done a good job of signing the trails and armoring some of their park/staging areas.

Gold Note OHV Staging Area
Eldorado NF

QWR believes that non-fire impacted OHV areas will play an important role by providing access for both casual use and permitted events while units impacted by wildfires are repaired post-fire mitigations such as hazard tree removal, erosion control structures constructed or reconstructed, and barriers or trail delineators installed.

OHV 4WD Route
Eldorado NF

Please stay safe during this fire season and avoid illegal off-route trespass in sensitive areas or onto private property where signs, barriers, or protective vegetation has been burned off by the wildfires.

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