Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Travel Maps are Important Management Tool

2016 MVUM - Eldorado NF

The 2005 Forest Service Travel Management Rule (TMR) requires that each National Forest designates roads, trails, and areas where use of motorized vehicles is authorized.   TMR also requires the Forest or Ranger District to publish a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) that identifies where those legal motorized opportunities exist.

QWR believes an important public compliance factor for “staying on the trail” is having MVUMs readily accessible at key staging areas and campgrounds.

Kiosk with Stocked MVUM Holder
Eldorado NF - Georgetown Ranger District

OHV recreation continues to be a highly popular outdoor activity on federal lands.  A significant amount of motorized recreation occurs on weekends when many FS offices are closed.  This can create an information deficit if the unit does not stock kiosks with MUVMs.

Having MVUMs available online is helpful, but QWR believes there is no substitute for having OHV map holders well stocked at sites where riders stage to unload their vehicles.

As more units ramp up their trail programs and as funds become available (via appropriated recreation monies, fees for maps, grants, etc.), they may want to consider publishing a color Travel Opportunity Guide that shows the route system with additional highlights such as topographical features, campgrounds, vista points, route numbers, and trail difficulty.

Color Travel Opportunity Guide (avail. for purchase)
Eldorado NF - Georgetown Ranger District

QWR believes accessible travel maps helps ensure that motorized recreationists stay on designated routes, understand the rules, protect resources, and respect other users. 

MVUMs Guide OHVers to a Great Experience

 Finally, an accessible map can lead to a fun, safe, and enjoyable OHV trail experience.



  1. my two cents. MVUM's are not available in a usable form online. We all need to stop by our ranger district or Forest Supervisors office to get something that useful. You can down load a mobile app for maps or perhaps your GPS from your favorite forest web site

  2. Great job givings us the info. we need to have