Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Natural Wonders Await Adventure Riders in 2016

Don Amador on Mendocino NF

Exploring less-traveled backcountry forest roads on a dual-sport or adventure motorcycle is one of the reasons that riders, in growing numbers, have taken up the sport.

Road 18N04 on Mendocino NF

Because of the increased precipitation this spring in California’s Northern Coastal Range, adventure riders can experience a wide array of natural wonders that await them along the route.

High elevation meadows that have been brown for the last 4-5 years are now a lush green color.  Douglas Fir and other conifers are sprouting new growth.  The Dogwood Trees are in bloom.

Dogwood Tree

Depending on the elevation, you will see a lot of California Valley or Mountain Quail.  Deer antlers are now covered in thick velvet.

Many Blue Oaks have dense foliage and look healthier than folks can remember.  Ponderosa Pines are looking good too.

QWR just wanted to share a few photos and some thoughts from a recent trip on the Mendocino National Forest in the hopes that some of you will take the opportunity to explore and enjoy some of our natural treasures in 2016.

See you on the trail.

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