Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Region 5 Overview/Video on Forest Health, Partnerships, Wildfire, and Recreation

R5 Regional Forester, Randy Moore, Reviews
Trail Armoring Project on Mendocino National Forest

QWR wants to commend Region 5 for its effort to inform the public on the agency’s mission and commitment to the residents of California and the resource.

As many of you know, there are outstanding OHV/OSV recreational opportunities in Region 5 which includes all of the National Forests in California.

QWR has had the privilege to work with the Region’s recreation staff on various projects, planning efforts, and trail workshops.  QWR can attest to the Region’s commitment to partnerships and to having a high-quality system of designated OHV/OSV roads, trails, and areas.

Soil Scientist, Roger Poff, Explains R5 OHV Soil Study
2014 QWR Trail Workshop - Tahoe National Forest

Links are provided to Region 5’s outreach webpage that addresses a number of issues which include; timber, recreation, fuel reduction programs, wildfire suppression, forest collaboratives, and partnerships.

Region 5 Mission Overview

Regional Forester, Randy Moore, Video on Mission of Region 5

QWR believes it is important for user groups to make a similar commitment to remain engaged with the Region and Forests in regards to the planning process, forest projects, partnerships, volunteerism, and recreation management efforts.

FireScape Mendocino - A Forest Collaborative in Region 5

It is also important for public land agencies to continue efforts to enhance their outreach program by publishing robust narratives that highlight the agency’s various challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

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