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Collaborative Effort Promotes Responsible OHV Recreation and Minimizes Resource Impacts

2011 Post Subpart B Trail Recon with FS
and Local OHV Club

QWR has long believed that partnerships and collaborative efforts are key elements in any 21st Century OHV recreation program.  In many rural areas where federal land-based timber or other resource industry activities have ceased to exist, recreation tourism can help bring economic benefit to the region.

A good example of where OHV tourism may fill that role is in Trinity County, California.  Several decades ago, this NW region of the Golden State had a robust timber economy.  However, due to growing environmental regulations and other factors, the federal timber program ground to a halt and so did the local economy.  The lumber mills were closed and people lost their jobs.

QWR is proud of the recent collaborative effort between The Watershed Center, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and the California State Park Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division’s Grant Program to promote sustainable OHV recreation on public lands in Trinity County.

Remember to Share the Road
Shasta-Trinity NF

According to the Center, the Trinity OHV Project is part of an ongoing effort to promote OHV recreation in Trinity County while facilitating sustainable OHV trail use through community engagement, the promotion of legal riding, and long-term planning that minimizes the damage to the environment.

Historic FS Fire Camp Cabin
Shasta-Trinity NF

The Center also states, by providing user-friendly information that showcases legal routes and offers information about environmentally sensitive areas, we are working to serve the dual goals of minimizing environmental damage while promoting OHV recreation in Trinity County.

QWR credits the Shasta-Trinity National Forest of laying much of the groundwork for this effort by fulfilling its commitment to the OHV community to engage in post subpart B project-level trail/area planning.  About 5 years ago, the Forest hired an OHV program manager to review the agency’s OHV route network with a goal to enhance legal motorized recreational opportunities.

Plummer Peak LO
Shasta-Trinity NF

The Trinity OHV Project joins a growing list of high quality OHV-based recreation programs throughout the country that strive to bring economic benefits to the local economy while minimizing environmental impacts to the resource.


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  1. I love the way that responsible OHV recreation can be part of a sustainable economy.