Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Proudly Display Your "E-Ticket" OHV Registration Decal

QWR believes that registering your off-highway motorcycle (and other OHVs) and properly displaying your state’s particular vehicle identification decal in the required manner in an important part of managed OHV recreation in the 21st Century. 

Modern OHV recreation management is a complex formula that includes appropriated monies for trail construction/maintenance, dedicated recreation staff, volunteerism, grant funding, support from line officers, resource protection, conservation efforts, restoration projects, safeguarding cultural sites, use of sound compliant exhaust with spark arresters, appropriate levels of law enforcement, and proper placement of OHV-related vehicle identification decals.

In California, the state OHV decal is called a “green or red sticker.”  The CA Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVRD) states that for [off-road] motorcycles  the decal shall be placed on the left fork leg, horizontal or vertical, visible from the left.


Over the years, QWR has seen CA green/red stickers placed behind front number plates, inside the airbox cover, on the frame, under the seat, or inside a side cover.  

Proper placement of your OHV identification decal helps the sport in a number of ways.  It shows other riders that you value high-quality OHV recreation and the ongoing efforts by agency staff and private sector advocates to keep trails open.  Following decal placement instructions also shows law enforcement officials that you have paid your “E-Ticket” to enjoy managed OHV recreation on public lands. 

Please take time to read the placement instructions that should accompany your new registration decal.  We know that often you are in a hurry to get out and ride, but taking a few extra minutes to place your decal in the appropriate location will help ensure that OHV recreation has a bright future.

*ROVs/SxSs are not specifically mentioned in CA law but sticker placement should mimic other four wheeled vehicles.

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