Monday, August 18, 2014

Recreation on Private Lands - Important Factor in 21st Century

QWR believes that private lands will continue to grow as an important factor in providing high quality motorized and non-motorized recreational opportunities in the 21st Century.   A great example of that is the new Off-Road Adventure module at Princeville Ranch located on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii.

This 2,500 acre working cattle ranch also offers horseback riding and zip line adventures.  QWR was impressed with the sustainable grazing prescription that rotates the herd on 7 separate sections.  By integrating recreation with the stock program, QWR believes the ranch provides important food products, jobs, and diverse tourism opportunities to the local economy.

Princeville Ranch joins Plum Creek, a timber management company, and many other private land interests in providing responsible OHV recreation to the public.

QWR believes this “multiple-use” approach adopted by Princeville Ranch and others can help the in-holder meets it resource and business management objectives while providing an important recreational opportunity to the public. 

QWR believes this pro-active approach to recreation management on their private lands should be looked to as a model by other landowners who are considering allowing OHV or other forms of recreation on their in-holdings.

Princeville Ranch

Plum Creek Recreation Program

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