Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adventure Riders Are Part of the Land Use Equation

"New Regulations" Close Adventure Route

QWR believes that Adventure Riders are part of the OHV family and an important factor in the land-use equation. 

QWR's Don Amador with 2006 Tiger 955i 

Continued access to high quality adventure-type roads and trails is under constant pressure from a growing number of laws, regulations, and rules that determine if those routes are open or closed.

The Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Travel Management, legislation, litigation, political pressure, and funding are all factors that open or close gates on public lands. 

Although many adventure riders have OHV experience, there are many new riders that come from a street or non-OHV background.   Dealing with the avalanche of rules and regulations that govern motorized access to federal lands is something that some adventure riders are not familiar with.

"Gate Open" for Adventure

QWR would like to urge the adventure bike community to continue their efforts to become engaged in land-use issues and/or support those organizations and businesses that advocate for responsible motorized recreational access to public roads and trails.

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