Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trail Tip - Be a Force Multiplier

As many OHV enthusiasts head out to their favorite riding areas during the late spring and early summer, QWR wants to encourage them to become an extra pair of eyes for the land management agencies.

During the winter, trees often fall down across OHV trails forcing the casual rider to either turn around or try and bypass the obstacle using an impromptu reroute.  While OHV recreational staff works hard to keep up with the trail maintenance needs of their unit, they can’t be everywhere at once.  This is where a trail rider can help by making a mental note of where the downed tree is and report it to the agency.

Be sure and include the trail or route number of where the downed vegetation is located.  This type of user involvement is greatly appreciated by the agency.  Once notified by you, they can send the appropriate staff or trail volunteer to remove the obstacle.

With ever shrinking trail budgets, this type of public service can be a force multiplier and will help keep riding areas open. 

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