Wednesday, November 2, 2011

QWR Salutes Mi-TRALE, Plum Creek Timber, and the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative

QWR wants to congratulate Mi-TRALE for being awarded a $10,000 dollar grant from
the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative Program. 

BRC Story on Mi-TRALE Yamaha Award and 10th Anniversary Dinner Awards

QWR also wants to thank Plum Creek (see above letter), a timber management company, for working with Mi-TRALE and other stakeholders to provide responsible OHV recreation on their private timberlands throughout many regions of the country.

QWR believes Plum Creek has taken a pro-active approach to recreation management on their lands and should be looked to as a model by other landowners who are considering allowing OHV recreation on their in-holdings.

Plum Creek OHV Management Program

QWR believes in partnerships and this effort between Mi-TRALE, Yamaha OHV Access Initiative, and other organizations sets a high standard for others to follow.

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