Monday, April 18, 2022



Forest Service Chainsaw Class - Mendocino National Forest



It’s no secret the prolonged COVID-19 shutdowns had a devastating impact on many non-profit organizations that provide both contract and volunteer workers to help land agencies deal with post wildfire related trail clearing and other recreation projects.


Despite the hammer dropping on large-scale volunteer efforts during the lockdown, the good news was that some units allowed small 2-5 person teams that consisted of long time private sector partners to help with clearing downed trees off of trails and other routes.  


Those smaller work parties were often the difference between a trail network being reopened to the public and/or helped reduce the off-route impacts from users creating their own unauthorized reroutes to bypass trails sections blocked by downed trees.


The other good news is that the Forest Service and non-profit partners have - or are in the process of - restarting chainsaw certification classes for agency fire staff, recreation personnel, and volunteers.


The new Region 5 (CA National Forests) Chainsaw Class Video is real cool with good vibes – a great sign that things are getting better.   Watch it… it will make you smile.  You might even recognize yourself or somebody you know.


Thanks to all of you out there who already serve as volunteers or want to join that force.


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