Monday, March 15, 2021

WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH - Celebrate our Land Managers


Marlene Finley, Director of Recreation, Land, Wilderness, and Heritage Resources (Retired)
Region 5, USFS

Those of us who are part of the greater OHV community - enthusiasts, agency staff, professionals, and volunteers - understand the important and historic role that women have played to ensure the public has access to high-quality OHV recreation for current and future generations.

Jane Arteaga, OHV/Recreation Lead, CA BLM State Office

For over 100 years, women have embraced driving or riding motorized vehicles on native surfaced routes that in many sections resembled Forest Service “jeep” roads or BLM desert two-tracks .

Marissa Williams, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Fort Sage OHV Area
BLM, Susanville Field Office


They were “OHV” adventurers and pioneers that inspired the nation and piqued the interest of other women (and men) to get out and enjoy the great outdoors or consider becoming a land manager, an advocate, or founder of a non-profit.

Daphne Greene, Deputy Director, CA OHV Program (2004-2011)
California State Parks, Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division

Here at the QWR HQ, we believe it is important to celebrate Women’s History Month and honor those women who have made a difference in the sport we love, our lives, or career.

Region 5 Field Trip - Kathy Mick (Front L), Mike Burmann (Back L), Randy Moore (Back R), Don Amador (Front R) - Upper Lake Ranger District, Mendocino National Forest

QWR is proud of the women that we have worked with on recreation and land management issues for the last 30 years.  Our supporters and readers know that our gratitude to the modern pioneer woman is genuine and is why they are often featured in photographs, endorsements, stories, and illustrations on our website and blog.

Sarah Ridenour, OHV Program Lead
Grindstone Ranger District, Mendocino National Forest

As we pay homage to our women heroes who serve in recreation, fire, natural resources, and administration, let’s remember their service and commitment by taking time to send them a warm THANK YOU as a reminder they are appreciated and not forgotten.


*Feel free to post a comment about important women in your land-use experience



  1. Excellent! Love to see these women being honored for their service to recreation.

  2. Don, Good on you for highlighting this. Hope all is well. Tony

  3. Mark and Tony, thanks for your feedback! Good news there are a lot more women in recreation management that are doing a great job and deserve our thanks.