Wednesday, April 15, 2020


As you know, there is frustration in a small but growing number of both motorized and non-motorized trail enthusiasts about the ongoing shutdown.

At the start of the Covid-19 shutdown process, many local, state, and federal recreation sites tried to stay open to allow for citizens to get exercise and experience a quality recreation experience in a safe manner in compliance with related CDC and other health guidelines or Stay at Home orders.

Unfortunately, on-the-ground observations by unit staff and the news media at various recreation sites showed the general public was not complying with social distancing and other health protection measures.

Those observations by elected officials, state/county health officers, and land managers resulted in more park units enacting HARD closures such as the OR Dunes National Recreation Area and in many CA State Park units.

Nobody, including me, wants to see developed and dispersed trail recreational opportunities restricted. 

However, the temporary restrictions on recreational use at the OR Dunes and certain CA State Park units highlight the importance of local, state, and federal park units enacting proactive temporary restrictions as needed to protect public health, comply with county/state stay-at-home orders, and avoid damage to natural/cultural resources and developed/dispersed recreation facilities including campgrounds, staging areas, and trails.

Achieving victory over the pandemic requires a team effort by the recreation community so we can get back to work and also get back out on public lands to enjoy both motorized and non-motorized recreational activities with family and friends.

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