Wednesday, March 18, 2020



Over the last week, private citizens, businesses, organizations, and government agencies have been under a tremendous amount of pressure to address and/or take preventative measures to help “Flatten the Curve” by practicing “social distancing” such as avoiding crowded places, working at home, and traveling only when necessary to the grocery store, pharmacy, or essential meeting/appointment.

Having worked the field of OHV advocacy and recreation management for the last 30 years, I want to express my deep appreciation and pride in how the OHV community is responding to recent shelter-in-place orders and other guidance that is severely limiting our ability to work and/or enjoy our sport.

Here are some examples from what I have seen so far from OHV;

PROFESSIONAL - Consultants, contractors, agency leads, and legislative staff are tele-working from home on issues such as grants, policy, programs, cancelled events, resource management, law enforcement, safety, and legislation.

PERSONAL – Taking cancelled events in stride, getting out on trails with small numbers of your family or friends to enjoy the great outdoors, and urging others to remain calm and respectful.

BUSINESS – Instituting strong disinfectant mitigation measures in the store or shop, closing the doors if required by government orders although I believe dealerships should stay open since OHVs are used for farming/emergency services/rescue/utilities/law enforcement, etc., and offering mail order or delivery on products.

The greater OHV community should take pride in how this highly popular outdoor activity has matured over the last 30 years into a sport with the capacity needed to adapt to ever changing Covid-19 related circumstances so as to ensure our continued access to high-quality OHV recreation on public lands during the emergency and after it subsides. 

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