Monday, August 5, 2019

COLLABORATION FOR RECREATION – Understand, Respect, and Protect

2011 Agency-User Field Trip - Start of Collaborative Process
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

QWR remains a strong supporter of the collaborative process as it relates to public land recreation planning and management efforts at local, state, and federal areas.

The important role that collaboration plays was acknowledged by the California Coastal Commission at a recent hearing where they directed California State Parks to develop a local collaborative where various land/regulatory agencies, elected officials, businesses, OHV groups, and conservation organizations can work together to help develop responsible management concepts for Oceano Dunes SVRA.

A good example of successful collaboration at a popular recreation area can found at the U.S. Forest Service’s Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. 

Recent Collaborative Open Dune Restoration Project
                                                 Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

In 2014, the Save the Riders Dunes, a local OHV non-profit organization, met with conservation groups to discuss finding common ground with a goal of both protecting open sand resources and providing a high-quality outdoor experience.  That stakeholder process was centered on attending meetings and field trips where information was shared, values appreciated/respected, and new relationships formed.

QWR believes that robust collaborate effort is largely responsible for “Saving” the Oregon Dunes and creating a positive future there for both motorized and non-motorized recreation opportunities.

QWR encourages all those engaged in recreation planning efforts to take time to read the highly informative 23 page The Oregon Dunes Restoration Collaborative Report on how this diverse set of interest groups came together in a substantive manner to develop a strategy for managing the Oregon Dunes for current and future generations.


QWR has an axiom that “The quality of your local FS/BLM/State Park OHV recreation program is or will be directly proportional to the quality of your engagement with agency staff and other users.”

If your club has not done so already, now is the time for your organization to appoint a designated representative(s) to attend local land use planning meetings and make that long-term commitment to help ensure that you and your family continues to have access to high quality trail-based or open sand recreational opportunities.  It is the future of OHV.

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