Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Designated "jeep-type" Route for Street Legal Vehicles Only
Eldorado National Forest

Backcountry exploration on Adventure (ADV) motorcycles continues to be a popular recreation activity on public lands that also creates a significant economic benefit.  Recent studies by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Outdoor Industry Association highlight that fact.  In addition, those reports are being supported by other research such as an economic study by the Backcountry Discovery Routes organization.

BDR Adventure Bike Study

QWR believes it is important for new ADV riders - who are not familiar with “OHV” travel management programs on Forest Service lands – to be sure and download a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) before planning a big ride on your favorite National Forest.

Link to MVUM Maps

According to agency information, the MVUM is a product of the Forest Service 2005 Final Travel Management Rule.  Those maps detail what routes have been designated for use by both street-legal and non-street legal motorized vehicles.

Travel Management Sign - Eldorado National Forest

The MVUM also displays allowed uses by vehicle class (street-legal vs. non-street legal, roads managed as trails for larger OHVs such as SxSs, vehicles less than 50 inches wide such as dirt-bikes/ATVs, and motorcycles), seasonal allowances, distance allowances, and provides information on other travel rules and regulations.

Backcountry Adventure Awaits - Eldorado National Forest

The MVUM is a black and white map with no topographic features and can be hard to read. QWR recommends that you have other information handy such as GPS tracks or a Forest Visitor Map that is more detailed.

ADV or dual-sport riding is a lot of fun and having good information on what routes are open or closed is an important key to a successful and safe backcountry experience.

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