Thursday, March 21, 2019

BREAKING NEWS - Interior Orders BLM to Review Disposal Lands for Recreation Access

"Disposal Site" near BLM Moonrocks OHV Area
Carson City BLM Field Office

QWR strongly supports the decision made today by Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to issue a  secretarial order requiring BLM to consider public access for outdoor recreational activities before deciding whether a federal parcel should be sold or exchanged.


This order should help the agency strengthen its ongoing commitment to preserving OHV recreation opportunities when disposal areas – previously identified by the BLM or Congress – overlap, or are adjacent to, existing Special Recreation Management Areas or other recreation or general use designations.

In California and other Western States, checkerboard or matrix lands can impede the BLM’s effort to provide connectivity for federally maintained roads and trails.  Consolidation can improve both motorized and non-motorized recreational opportunities particularly where the public was prohibited from legal egress and ingress by non-federal land owners.

Don Amador, President of Quiet Warrior Racing/Consulting, states, “I have long supported the concept of consolidation of BLM administered lands for public benefit and careful review of proposed disposal lands to ensure they are not currently being used for recreational activities or have the potential to provide access to new trails or other forms of recreation.”

“As a newly appointed ‘OHV Recreation’ representative to the Central CA BLM RAC, I look forward to discussions with other RAC members and the agency about looking for opportunities to purchase or exchange non-federal lands to enhance public access and recreational opportunity at existing BLM units or create new recreation sites in underserved areas,” Amador concludes.

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