Monday, December 3, 2018

“Green Sticker” Historic Event - CA OHV Commission Tour

Designated OHV Route on CA OHV Commission Tour
Hungry Valley SVRA

California recreation history was made in early November when actual “Green Sticker” OHVs were used for the first time as the official site tour vehicle for a CA OHV Program public event. 

State Park Director, Lisa Mangat (with hat/scarf), Welcomes Tour Participants
Hungry Valley SVRA 

On November 8, 2018, the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Commission and a group of diverse stakeholders participated in an 8 hour motorized tour of Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) using non-street legal – Green Sticker - Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) also called Side x Sides (SxSs).

AMA D36 LAO, Dave Pickett, Prepares to Join the 20+ ROVs for Tour
Hungry Valley SVRA

According to California State Parks, the OHMVR Program was created in 1971 out of the critical need to better manage growing demands for off-highway recreation, while at the same time foster respect for private property rights and protect California's natural and cultural resources.

Area Rehabilitation is Important Aspect of  CA OHV Program
Hungry Valley SVRA

Today, this program, [often called the “Green Sticker” program”] a division of the California Department of Parks and Recreation, is the largest and most successful program of its type in the U.S. The program continues its commitment to provide safe, enjoyable recreation while balancing the need to protect the state's resources.

Presentation on Area's Geologic History
Hungry Valley SVRA

According to Don Amador, longtime OHV advocate and former chairman of the OHMVR Commission, “It was an honor to participate in this historic OHV ‘Green Sticker’ event.  I think a lot of the participants, OHV commissioners, and state park staff were surprised that this tour/trail ride was the first time that non-street legal motorized vehicles were the featured mode of transportation.“

Designated OHV Route for Larger OHVs such as ROVs
Hungry Valley SVRA

The 35+ mile tour route consisted of both easy and more challenging levels of trails.  There were also numerous stops where various OHV-related travel management, resource/cultural protection, law enforcement, and educational topics were presented and discussed. 

State Park Director, Lisa Mangat, visits with AMA D36 LAO, Dave Pickett
Hungry Valley SVRA

“I believe most, if not all, of the SxS tour participants were amazed at the amount and varying array of   designated high-quality and sustainable trail opportunities at the SVRA.   Many of the tour attendees had never been in a ROV or taken such an extensive trail ride,” Amador continues.

Amador continues, “At the tour’s conclusion, I noted a lot of happy smiles coming from the SxS drivers and passengers which signified to me the importance of getting government decision-makers, agency staff, and the recreation community together and out on the trail to personally experience just what makes the OHV program so popular in the Golden State.”

Intermediate Level OHV Trail on Tour Route
Hungry Valley SVRA

“Lastly, I especially want to thank OHMVR Division and SVRA staff who worked hard to make this precedent setting tour a successful and productive event.   Active tour participation from the program’s many partners including federal land agencies, local law enforcement, industry, private sector non-profits, OHV clubs, and volunteers highlighted the broad scope and important role that OHV recreation has in California’s recreation economy,” Amador concludes.

Information Kiosk on San Andreas Fault
Hungry Valley SVRA

The OHMVR Division website states that in addition to providing accessibility to off-highway recreation for everyone from hikers to bikers to bird watchers, the program provides a variety of services and benefits to California's residents and visitors, including resource management of state lands, wildlife habitat protection, youth development and law enforcement.

Program funding comes from fuel taxes which are attributable to the recreational use of vehicles off highway, off-highway vehicle registration fees and fees collected at State Vehicular Recreation Areas.


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