Monday, May 14, 2018

QWR NEWS RELEASE - eMTB Module Added to Trail Advocacy Program

Scott Sisto, BH (L), Don Amador, QWR (C), Johnny Moore, Moore & Sons (R)

Date: 5/14/18
Contact: Don Amador, Quiet Warrior Racing
Phone: 925.783.1834

eMTB Module Added to Trail Advocacy Program

QWR is proud to announce the launch of its official eMTB module in support of sustainable high quality trail-based recreational opportunity for Type 1 pedal assist electric bicycles in partnership with Moore and Sons Motorcycles in Santa Cruz, California and Easy Motion Electric Bikes by BH.

QWR believes it is important to work with diverse motorized and non-motorized recreation interests in a collaborative manner to discuss current and future eMTB-related opportunities and management options on local, state, and federal lands.

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Electric bicycles are here to stay and are becoming an important transportation and/or recreation vehicle for many who want to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

While California and other states have crafted regulations that allow for eBIKE use on streets and mechanized trails, the Forest Service, BLM, and National Park Service define eBIKEs as motorized vehicles.  This basically restricts all eBIKE use to OHV routes if they want to travel on a dirt trail.

eMTB Allowed on Designated OHV Trail
Eldorado National Forest

Johnny Moore, eMTB Manager at Moore and Sons Motorcycles, states, “Our shop has been a long-time supporter of proactive efforts by land-use professionals to promote a sound trail ethic on designated roads, trails, and areas.  Electric MTBs have become an important member of the trail community and we look forward to working with other recreationists and government agencies to utilize existing routes where eMTB use is authorized and to create new opportunities for this growing sport.”

Watch for These eBike Decals on Public Land Trails

“Easy Motion Electric Bikes by BH is proud to be brand partners with Moore & Son’s Motorcycles to offer our complete line of Easy Motion eBikes as an alternative form of recreation and transportation in greater Santa Cruz County,” states, Scott Sisto, Northwestern Regional Sales Manager for BH.

Sisto continues, “We are extremely excited to collaborate with Johnny Moore & Don Amador to professionally create next steps with future eMTB-related opportunities and management options on local, state, and federal lands. BH (Beistegui Hermanos translated "Beistegui Brothers") Bicycles is a 107 year old cycling brand from the Basque region of Spain with an extraordinary brand heritage. We have been developing and producing Easy Motion Electric Bikes for off-road and urban use for over 20 years. Our electric bicycles are designed and engineered as bicycles, equipped with a pedal assistance and are aligned with California State E-Bikes Laws. BH Bicycles is annually reinvesting in cycling at every level to offer premium level bicycle transportation for however you like to ride.”

QWR applauds the eMTB panel facilitated by California State Parks at the recent 2018 California Trails and Greenways Conference as indication of the agency’s commitment to bring diverse recreation interests together in a collaborative manner to build relationships/trust and find solutions to managing eMTB trail-based opportunities in the Golden State.

New eBIKE Division at Moore and Sons Motorcycles
Santa Cruz, CA

Don Amador, President of Quiet Warrior Racing/Consulting, states, “I look forward to working with  California State Parks, CA OHV Division/Commission, federal land agencies, local jurisdictions,  electric bicycles associations, and other stakeholders on this important land use issue.”

Moore and Sons eBIKE Facebook Page

EMOTION Electric Bikes by BH

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