Thursday, December 14, 2017

Los Vaqueros MTB Trail Review - East Contra Costa County

Multi-Use Dirt Road/Trail Los Vaqueros Watershed

As many outdoor enthusiasts get ready for Christmas this year in the SF/East Bay Area, QWR wanted to continue its efforts to gear up for launching an eBike/Vehicle module in 2018 by visiting some of the local or regional parks that have multi-use trails or paths that are open to MTBs and potentially eBikes.

Enjoying The Fresh Air

One such facility is the Los Vaqueros Watershed located south of Brentwood and just below the newly reopened Diablo MX Ranch. 

Dirt Road/Trail Snaking Up Through the Canyon

The area is about 18,000acres of open space that surrounds the 1,900 acre Los Vaqueros Reservoir.  Most of the trails are hiking or horseback, but there are a number of fun MTB trails on the north end of the facility that stem out from the Walnut Staging Area.

The staging area has clean restrooms and a number of concrete picnic tables.  While there are no “no e-Bike” signs posted, I don’t want to encourage you to take your eBike there until I get formal acknowledgement from the agency that they are allowed.  *** Update, I heard back from the agency and  the MTB  dirt trails are not open to eBikes at this time.

At Your Service - Enjoy the Christmas Trail Season

The gravel and dirt MTB trails in the area are mostly pretty easy, but once you get up into the hilly area in the backcountry there are some pretty fun grades where you can get a workout.  Remember to close the fences when you go through them as the unit has an active cattle grazing program.  In fact, you may have to dodge a few cows if they are on the trail.

Solid and Dash Green Lines are Open for MTBs

If you live in the area, you may want to consider visiting these MTB trails.  There is some pretty scenery and you may see some wildlife like I did today when a coyote was running beside me in a nearby field.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Trail New Year!

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