Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Recreation Report Shows National $650 Billion Dollar Economic Benefit

Designated Multiple-Use FS SystemTrail
Mendocino National Forest

QWR wants to thank our good friends at the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP) for sharing some great news about recreation from the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) in their:  OUTDOOR RECREATION OUTLOOK 2017.

The report notes that outdoor recreation has more than a $650 billion annual economic impact in America.

It also highlights that federal land agencies are doing more recreation-oriented outreach to the public. 
QWR agrees with that observation since both the Forest Service and BLM have devoted more resources to trail-based recreation opportunities and collaborative planning efforts.

OHV Travel Management Kiosk
Stanislaus National Forest

The report also states that recreational use of on- and off-highway motorcycles, ATVs, and ROVs is also growing and contributes nearly $109 billion in direct spending to the U.S. economy annually and over 1.5 million jobs.

ARC notes that Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs) or Side-by-Sides (SxSs) are becoming increasingly popular and are the fastest growing segment of the powersports market. They found that nearly 30 million Americans ride motorcycles on and off roads, and ATV ridership is some 35 million annually.

Designated FS Trail for Wide Range of Vehicle Types
Mendocino National Forest

In addition, the report cited information from the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) that showed average snowmobile (OSV) use grew at 10% which is often in rural parts of the country.

Open Area for OSV Recreation
Tahoe National Forest

QWR believes this report should help inspire both the motorized and non-motorized recreation communities to work together to help champion sustainable outdoor recreational opportunities on federal lands through a combination of increased (and dedicated) appropriated  “recreation” funds, grant monies, and site-specific user-pay/user benefit fee programs where monies collected stay on the unit for on-the-ground public services.


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