Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy 100th Birthday to the National Park Service

QWR wants to congratulate the National Park Service (NPS) on its 100th Anniversary.  And, we also send our early congratulations to Denali National Park as it prepares to celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2017.

Armored Trail near Visitor's Center

While on a recent trip to Alaska, QWR hiked and toured in some of Denali National Park.  This is must see area for those who love the great outdoors.

Armored Trail Section in Riparian Zone

QWR supports the agency’s ongoing effort to enhance hiking and camping opportunities in that unit for both Alaskans and visitors.

Trail Sign

QWR appreciates the high-quality level of trail construction and maintenance that was noted on the trail system that stems out of the Denali National Park Visitor’s Center.

Mount Denali

While many NPS parks offer only non-motorized trail opportunities, it is important to remember that numerous park units offer some form of sustainable non-competitive street-legal or non-street legal OHV (NPS refers to OHV as ORV) touring/backcountry adventure opportunities.


As the popularity of OHV-related adventure-type recreation grows, QWR believes the NPS will continue to provide that important and specialized link for ORVers to explore and appreciate our natural world. 

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