Thursday, October 1, 2015

OHV Signs in Spanish are Important Outreach to Latino Community

TMR Sign in Spanish

QWR wants to commend the Stanislaus National Forest for its outreach to the Latino community via bilingual travel management signs located strategically throughout the unit.

As you know, QWR believes a quality signing and information program conveys the agency’s commitment to resource protection, management of recreation facilities, and public access to a high value outdoor experience.

Forest Health Project Information in Spanish

An American Trails 2009 article: Changing demographics and reaching new visitors to National Forests in California, states, “… By 2020, Latinos will be the largest percentage [in California] of every age group except for senior adults.”  It also recommends that translated materials should be provided in Spanish whenever possible (especially in forests with Latino visitor populations).

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Diana Perez, an elected member of the Latino community and member of the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission, states, “Communication with our off-road riders is the key to access and responsible riding.  When we focus on bilingual signage we are better serving our growing Latino enthusiasts.  This creates a better experience not only for off-roaders but for other users.  By implementing bilingual signage we are setting the highest standard on compliance and becoming the trendsetters in state.”

Del Albright, President of Albright Enterprises, states, “I am thankful I have a working knowledge of Spanish because in all my extensive off-road travels throughout the southwest, it has become obvious that the Latino community has fully discovered the joy of motorized recreation and need bi-lingual signage to ensure a safe and fun time for all.”

QWR agrees with Commissioner Perez and Albright on the importance of outreach to the Latino outdoor community.  We also believe that land agencies should consider posting bi-lingual travel management signs where appropriate and publishing related land ethic materials based on visitor demographics.

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  1. Sorry Don, this one I have to disagree with. I am apposed to my tax dollars perpetrating ongoing use of any foreign language. This is America. All immigrants need to assimilate into OUR culture. Not the other way around.