Monday, February 24, 2014

Gabions as Sign Posts - Common Sense and Creativity

QWR is always looking for low-cost and effective travel management tools that can help protect resources while providing for a quality recreation experience.

On a recent field trip to the Upper Lake Ranger District on the Mendocino National Forest, QWR viewed a new use for gabions.  Forest Service recreation staff are using those structures as sign posts to help let riders know what areas are closed because of resource concerns.

Trail users have often seen gabion baskets (wire mesh baskets filled with rock) used along routes in popular riding areas. They can provide erosion control for road bank stabilization or OHV trail crossings.  They are easy to assemble and nearby rock is used to fill the basket.

The use of gabions as natural sign posts at the Middle Creek OHV Campground is a good example of
agency staff using common sense and creativity to help direct riders away from protected areas on the gravel bar. 

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  1. At one of the Hare Scrambles event our club hosted, the course went through a sensitive area. I had a big sign that said, "Save the Trail - Stay On It!" It worked and BLM was happy.