Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tahoe National Forest Adopts New Wet Weather Trail Management Tool

Tahoe NF Uses New Wet Weather Management Tool
(Trail 25 will be open when conditions allow)

QWR is proud to announce - that because of pro-active work by agency scientists, researchers, recreation specialists, volunteers, and partners - the Tahoe National Forest recently issued a DECISION NOTICE and FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT for the 2017 Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) that removes fixed seasonal closures on a number of access roads and motorized trails in the Burlington area.

Over the last several years, QWR has posted updates in regards to ongoing Forest Service field studies to help develop an evidence-based method for opening trails based on direct soil moisture measurements and trail condition.  Four pilot studies were conducted on the Los Padres, Mendocino, and Tahoe National Forests.

Don Amador Helping with Wet Weather Field Study
Mendocino NF

The field studies involved measuring soil strength and soil moisture, and correlating those measurements with observed levels of trail damage. This prediction of risk is now being used to develop threshold values to determine when to open or close trails as highlighted in the aforementioned announcement.

QWR commends the agency research team and partners for helping develop this important new tool for managing trails – in a flexible manner -  for public enjoyment when soil  conditions allow.

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  1. This is great news. We helped pioneer this approach on the Los Padres. Glad it was accepted on the TNF!