Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Red Cross First Aid Training for OHVers - Get Certified Now (Also a requirement for taking the FS chainsaw class)

As QWR gets ready to celebrate our 7th year anniversary in 2017, we thought it was important to send out a reminder to all of you who have taken a Forest Service chainsaw class (which requires current Adult First Aid/CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogens Training certification) to check the expiration date on your first aid card.  Now is a good time to get recertified and/or get your training if you plan on taking the FS chainsaw class in the near future.

QWR wants to encourage heads of households, club officers, trail bosses, vehicle safety course instructors, and others in leadership roles to get First Aid, CPR, and AED training from the American Red Cross.  This training will help you stabilize an injured rider in the field until the emergency responders arrive on scene.

Since my first aid certification expires in early January, I just scheduled my recertification class for late next week. It will give you the confidence to better stabilize critical injuries until professional emergency medical personnel arrive on the scene.

It will also give you the knowledge to better utilize the first-aid supplies that one should always carry during trail rides, safety training, or work parties.  Learning these basic skills can save a life and should be considered an important element of your off-road experience.

To learn more about the American Red Cross training programs, please visit:

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  1. This is very good information for trail folks who do this work.........
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