Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Share the Road" is Sound Travel Ethic

"Share the Road" Sign
Shasta Trinity NF

As federal and county agencies designate more of their non-paved road networks for use by both street legal and non-street legal motorized vehicles, it becomes increasingly important for land managers and user groups to champion a strong “Share the Road” travel ethic.

Many new-to-the-sport OHVers may not be aware that most federal and county non-paved roads are open for two-way traffic.

Forest and BLM roads are not just used by traditional OHVs which include dirt-bikes, ATVs, SxSs, and jeep-type vehicles.  Rather, they are also used by hunters driving pickups, tourists driving for pleasure in SUVs, loggers and miners using heavy equipment, agency staff driving large fire trucks, property owners towing a horse trailer, and many other users and vehicle types.

QWR commends those clubs and government agencies that promote a Share the Road strategy that incorporates a substantive signing program and strong narrative on related websites and/or event flyers.  If you are an entity that does not articulate a Share the Road philosophy, consider establishing a related program.

When government agencies designate a road for mixed-use by various vehicle types, it is important that all stakeholders appreciate their respective role in helping spread the word to “Share the Road” with other users.

QWR believes that OHVers should use common sense when operating on public roads since you never know who or what is coming around the corner.   You should ride on the correct side of the road with the anticipation that a logging truck, another OHV, or fire engine IS coming around the bend and adjust your speed accordingly.

Common sense combined with a better understanding of who is using public roads is a good recipe for a safe experience for you, your family, and those you meet on the trail (or road in this case).

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  1. Yes, all must be welcomed (and allowed). So where's the horseback rider picture on the sign?