Monday, June 1, 2015

CA Online Campfire Permit Program is Important Public Service

As we enter the 2015 wildfire season, QWR wants to let riders know about a new program where you can get your California Campfire Permit online.

The folks at the CALIFORNIA WILDLAND FIRE COORDINATING GROUP (CWCG) have a great website where you can get your campfire permit online and also obtain the latest information on helping prevent catastrophic wildfires. 

CWCG Website

CWCG Online Campfire Permit

QWR learned about the online fire permit program while at the recent CA OHMVR Commission meeting held in Sonora, California.  That meeting included a well-planned field tour of the 2013 Rim Fire.

Stanislaus NF Fire Staff Explain Campfire Safety

One of the tour stops including a presentation by Stanislaus NF fire staff where they highlighted the agency’s fire restriction program and ways to safely manage a campfire on public lands.

CWCG states that your campfire permit is valid from the date issued until the end of the calendar year. And, that permits are required to have campfire or portable gas stoves on public lands.

They also encourage you to check to ensure there are not any local fire restrictions in the area, since during periods of high fire danger, campfires may be restricted. You should also keep a shovel and bucket of water nearby at all times.

QWR believes the online campfire permit program is an important public service since many land agencies are not open on Friday night or over the weekend when folks are most likely to use public lands for OHV recreation.

QWR took the test and it is convenient, easy, and informative.  Once you have taken the quiz and looked at the 2.5 minute instructional video, you can print out your campfire permit.  Remember to SIGN the permit once you print it out.

QWR hopes that you will have a fun and fire-safe summer this year.  Also, if your state has a similar online campfire permit program – be sure and send us a note at:

Happy Trails this summer from QWR.

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