Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Road-to-Trail Conversion Project

As QWR prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, I just want to express my deep felt thanks and appreciation to our partners, sponsors, and colleagues in the OHV community.

I am thankful for that support and friendship that has seen us successfully champion responsible motorized recreation on public roads, trails, and areas.

Some of those positive events for OHV include substantive grant funding from the CA OHMVRD to our local, federal, and non-profit partners for betterment of the sport and the resource.  There is a growing acknowledgement by federal agencies, legislative bodies, conservation groups, and the media that sustainable OHV recreation is here to stay and that it contributes significantly to local economies and personal well-being.

New OHV Corridor Designated 

In many areas, local government has accepted their role as an important factor in OHV travel management via new designations of county roads for use by non-street legal OHVs.  Said routes often provide functionality and connectivity with existing federal trail systems.

Colusa County Designates Combined Use Road

Land agency staff that QWR works with appears to have a renewed interest in providing enhanced trail opportunities for all sizes of OHVs.

The Industry and Aftermarket are continuing to expand their support for trail-based advocacy and education efforts.

Again, QWR wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Don Amador, President
Quiet Warrior Racing

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