Monday, March 24, 2014

Combined Use - Important Tool in Travel Management

M10 - East of End of Nail Track

QWR wants to commend Colusa County in California for its recent combined-use designations (CVC 38026) to help improve green-sticker access to looped trail opportunities for the larger non-street legal SxS, dune-buggy, and 4WD vehicles that utilize the system route network on the Mendocino National Forest.

County roads often play an important role in Forest Service Travel Management planning efforts where said paved routes can help users access and better utilize agency system routes.

M10- Near Bottom of Potato Hill

Understanding the importance of motorized recreation opportunities on the Forest, Colusa County made formal combined-use designations of relevant segments of M10 and the Goat Mountain Road.

Using M10, owners of larger non-street legal OHVs can now complete a 40-70 mile loop opportunity from the Fouts Springs OHV Staging Area.  In addition, those larger vehicles can now legally access historic gas and start points for AMA District 36 events.

Near Historic Gas Stop at Bottom of Potato Hill

SxS owners and other recreationists with larger non-street legal OHVs can now use Goat Mountain Road between Little Stony OHV Staging Area and Lovelady Ridge (Trail 01) to complete all day “Green Sticker” tours of up to 100 miles in length.

QWR believes that travel management requires genuine collaboration between federal agencies, users, OHMVRD, and counties.  This is a good example of that team approach.

If you would like to send a note of appreciation to Colusa County Board of Supervisors, please see the contact information below:

Colusa County Board of Supervisors
547 Market Street
Colusa, CA 95926

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